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Ziptrak® Interior track guided blind system provides superior room darkening, enhanced insulation and sun protection and is designed specifically to enhance your indoor comfort and style.

Ziptrak® Interior blinds not only look stylish but are extremely practical. Offering privacy,  light control and insulation, with ease of use its foremost feature. The blind smoothly glides up and down and holds any position effortlessly.

Specially designed tracks lock the fabric on both sides of the blind, which closes all gaps to provide maximum insulation, thus reducing any heat gain or loss.

You will enjoy the very best in quality, manufacture and contemporary design, along with ease of operation and low maintenance.

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ZIPTRAK interior
ziptrak interior
zptrak interior bathroom
ziptrak interior kitchen

Ziptrak® Interior will change what you expect from a blind.

With one effortless glide, you can control light, airflow and insects. No more heavy blinds and curtains, covered in dust, with flimsy cords to pull.

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