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Alpha is providing the market with a genuinely high quality motorisation product that can boast the sort of build quality and reliability that until now has only been available through certain European giants, but at a much more realistic price.

Alpha offers motorisation for the following products & options:

- Rollers blinds (battery motors - recharge every 9-12 months depending on usage)

Roller blinds (hardwired motors - no charging required however an electrician will need to run the power - ask our team about our preferred electrican at your next appt)

Roller blinds (hardwired smart motors - connect to your smart home system - electrical fees apply)

Ziptrak outdoor blinds - hardwire and smart hardwire motors available - electrical fees apply (Battery motors coming soon. 

Internal ziptrak blinds - hardwire and battery motors available

Curtains - Motorise your curtain tracks with battery or hardwire motors

Verishades - Motorise your verishade tracks with hardwire motors

For more information on Alpha products visit the website here

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